GIG Moving is happy to provide you with current rates. Please note that all rates are subject to 3 hour minimum policy + travel fee*.

We do not charge for stairs/extra heavy items (except piano)/long walks and etc. All of our trucks carry $50,000 cargo insurance (in case of motor vehicle accident when your belongings inside our trucks).


Up to 26 FT truck + 1 mover = $90 per hour + travel fee* 

Up to 26 FT truck + 2 movers = $140 per hour + travel fee* 

Up to 26 FT truck + 3 movers = $170 per hour + travel fee* 

Every additional mover (after 3) is $40 per hour

Optional additional costs:

$10 - any size mattress bag if requested

$10 per wardrobe box rental (if you need more then 4)

$100-200 extra charge (depending on handling difficulty) for pianos and any other items of similar weight.

*Travel fee depends on your location and distance you are moving ($140-170 for GTA). It covers our time to get to your pick up location, come back after job is done, fuel and insurance (in transit). Feel free to inquire about travel fee beyond GTA.


No extra charges. 

Payment is due in full after move is done. 

HST (13%) is extra.

We accept cash or credit cards.