Affordable and Safe Moving Services - Local and Long-Distance

GIG Moving is happy to provide you with current rates. Please note that all rates are subject to 3 hour minimum policy + travel fee*. We do not charge extra for stairs/long walks/appliances etc. Only actual time it takes to move your items in efficient and safe manner. 

Up to 26 FT truck + 1 mover

CAD 90
  • 1 mover – small moves when helper is not required

Up to 26 FT truck + 2 movers

CAD 140
  • 2 movers – 1-2bd apartment/condo moves

Up to 26 FT truck + 3 movers

CAD 170
  • 3 movers - 2bd + apartment/condo/house moves

Up to 26 FT truck + 4 movers

CAD 210
  • 4 movers - houses over 1 truck load

Optional additional costs:

$10 – any size mattress bag if requested.
$10 per wardrobe box rental (if you need more than 4).
$100-200 extra charge (depending on handling difficulty) for pianos and any other items of similar weight.
If you have any such items, please let us know during booking so that we have proper manpower.
*Travel fee depends on your location and distance you are moving ($140-170 for GTA). It covers our time to get to your pickup location, come back after job is done, fuel and insurance (in transit). Feel free to inquire about travel fee beyond GTA.

Every additional mover (after 4 ) is $40 per hour. Please note that more movers you have working – less time it will take. At the end of the day, the price difference is not significant or practically the same. It is important to have adequate manpower for the size of your move.

Every job guarantees dozens of moving blankets, floor protecting runners, dollies, tools, wardrobe boxes, mattress bags and any other specific moving equipment you might want to request for your moving date. More importantly, our movers do know how to use this equipment properly and when needed to make your move stress free and as quick as possible.

Our team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have.
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